Jorge Perazzo, Certified Public Accountant

Jorge has helped his clients with their accounting, tax and business planning needs for over 24 years. He evaluates each client’s unique financial situation and determines the most effective methods to help them achieve their financial goals. Jorge prides himself on being readily available to his clients. Jorge grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is fluent in Spanish and his multi-cultural perspective provides for a good understanding of today’s global economy. Jorge is a pilot and avid tennis player.

Peggy Smaller.jpg

Peggy Perazzo, Chief Operations Officer

Peggy joined us in September 2016 and graduated from Toulousse Loutrec Institute in Lima, Peru.  Peggy is our bookkeeper, your primary contact for setting appointments, delivery of your tax returns but more importantly,.  she is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly in the office. She speaks fluent Spanish, is experienced in QuickBooks, and tax preparation intake. Like Jorge, Peggy is also an avid tennis player.

Julie Professional.jpg

Julie Arinsberg, Full Charge Bookkeeper

Julie has worked with us on mutual clients for over 25 years. She has a BS degree from California State University, Northridge. Julie is a full charge bookkeeper and also provides business management services. Clients benefit from her skills as a masterful organizer, and from her rich accounting knowledge and experience. Julie hung up her tennis racket after chasing Venus' third grand slam. And as a bonus, she's quite funny!